Idee und Klang - BMW Museum - BWM INSPIRATION - Kinetic Sculpture

Uploaded by Ideeundklang on Dec 18, 2009
The sheer pleasure of sound - audiodesign for the BMW Museum
The BMW Museum in Munich presents itself with a concept that combines architecture, formation and media design into one over-all production concerning the history of the brand BMW.
The contract for the audio design, which had been planned from the start, was awarded to idee und klang: subtly composed sculptures of sound, precisely aligned with the rooms, perfectly harmonising with architecture and media production. A modern AROS III sound system with 900 loudspeakers in total orchestrates the space acoustically.

BMW Museum

Uploaded by geek180 on Jun 20, 2009
Shot at the BMW Museum in Munich, these balls were attached to strings from the ceiling and together they created three dimensional shapes including a car.

San Francisco de Young Museum

10 Waves Kinetic Sculpture

Uploaded by jackzbear on Apr 5, 2009
Kinetic sculpture by Jack Pavlik, 2005. First exhibited at Galerie Rachel Haferkamp in Cologne 2005. A version of this piece was also exhibited at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 2009 as part of the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP).